Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

If you have a carpet, then you need to have a carpet cleaning service that will get the dirt out of the small places in your rug. The regular vacuum or carpet cleaning machine just does not cut when it comes to trying to get a stain out. There are small cleaners, medium cleaners and consumer cleaners you can rent from stores.  Commercial carpet cleaning services like Tag Team 911 offer a higher level of “clean” than you can find in store-rented cleaners, plus we have the expertise with stains to get the job done right without soaking your carpet and causing other potential problems.

Stains can leave a lasting impression about the rest of your house, and the way your living room looks with that rug on the floor could be the meaning of a good conversation or a bad conversation with your family.  Every stain is different, and every carpet is different; when assessing a stain, you have to consider the type of stain and the type of carpet fabric.  We have seen some carpets ruined beyond repair because they were simply not cleaned properly!  In addition, it’s important to treat a stain immediately or as soon as possible while it is still damp; Tag Team 911 is available 24/7 for emergency cleaning in your home or office.

In addition to obvious stains requiring treatment, it’s a good idea to clean most active area carpets twice a year.   Dirt and sediment from shoes and activity settle into the fibers of the carpet and actually add to the wear & tear on the pile — even in homes where families go barefoot or in socks.  Carpets can age prematurely without proper regular maintenance; a thorough, gentle cleaning twice a year by Tag Team 911 is a small investment that will extend the life of your carpets for years.

We treat all types of stains and all types of carpets in our carpet cleaning services.  Please contact us today for a free estimate at 661-297-9444.  We provide Carpet Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita and Simi Valley and elsewhere.

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