Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

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Cleaning Carpet & Upholstery Stains in Your Home

Clean Your Carpets. Protect Your Family.

HOW Tag Team 911 CAN HELP!

• First and foremost is our twenty years experience, which provide the foundation of everything we do!

• EXCLUSIVE THREE-STEP CLEANING PROCESS. Developed internally by Tag Team 911 through our twenty years experience, this process:

  • Removes grease while breaking down bacteria and other harmful elements;
  • Has the advantage of light-weight, non-abrasive brushing system that loosens even the most ground-in soils and gets to the hardest-to-reach areas;
  • Uses a rinsing process that ensures NO DIRT-ATTRACTING RESIDUE remains in your carpet or furniture, leaving it fresh, clean and ready to use within just a few hours.

• Our truck-mounted cleaning system is the industry-leading set-up, and is the core of our unique and exclusive 3-Step Cleaning Process and OSR Treatment and sub-extraction process!

• We also provide a patented Scotch-guarding process


OSR Treatment and Sub-extraction Process. Our professional grade odor and stain remover follows the path of urine and other odor-producing liquids all the way to the root of the root of the problem (even down to carpet padding and the sub-floor), eating away at the odorous and potentially harmful bacteria. We then use a sub-extraction process which completely flushes out the bacteria from the subfloor, pad, and carpet. NO CARPET REPAIRS NEEDED!!

*While this process is 100% effective for most problems, there are extreme cases wherein lifting carpet and/or padding may be required for 100% effectiveness.


In addition to flooding or other damage, normal everyday use can be destructive to your carpets, rugs and furniture. There are few things more unappealing to company than entering a home neglected in these areas! Not only do they look bad, but they often smell bad, especially to others because over time we become acclimatized to the odors in our own homes and don’t notice what others may be grimacing over! Carpets, rugs and furniture can also get embedded with many types of dirt and contaminants from pets, kids’ throw-up, and the dirty bottoms of shoes.

These substances won’t just be normal dirt, but also grease from parking lots and urine and feces from walks in the park! There can also be residual vomit from the kids and pets that was only wiped up with a wet cloth. Several of these substances can contain various forms of dangerous bacteria from E. Coli to Staphylococcus. Often you can’t even see the harmful elements in your carpets, rugs and on your upholstery. Your family could be getting sick without you realizing that the unclean elements in your own home could be the cause.

Professional maintenance just once a year can help keep your carpets and upholstery not only stay looking clean and smelling fresh, but also protecting the health of you and your family.

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