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Saugus water damage

Monday, March 7th, 2011

We just finished repairs to our clients home in the Saugus area. When we arrived on Sunday the home had sustained damage to the master bath/bedroom and worked it’s way down to the kitchen area. Materials affected were carpet, pad, plywood subfloor, baseboard, drywall, ceiling, and solid oak wood floor. We were able to save all materials and restore home to pre-loss condition. Here are some chronological pictures of the job



Jerome Ross

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Flood Damage is caused from a multiple of sorces. In this case the upstairs bathrooms toilet overflowed and caused damage to the upstairs and downstairs bathroom. Affected building materials included drywall, ceiling, baseboards, carpet, padding and a high quality laminate flooring.  We were called to a residential water damage in Simi Valley in the early morning and performed moisture analysis, air movement, dehumidification, ceiling and wall cavity drying and antimicrobial treatments to properly dry this home.  Here are some photographs of the job and work we did:

Flood Restoration Simi Valley      Flood Restoration Simi Valley

antimicrobial carpet treatment simi valley      water extraction simi valley

Dehumidification Simi Valley      Water Damage Dry-out Simi Valley

water dry-out simi valley ventura county      Flood damage restoration simi valley

Simi Valley flood damage      water damage restoration simi valley

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