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Hollywood Hills water damage

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

We’re currently finishing up drying out a home that was damaged from a busted pipe at the shower valve.

Water damage

Drying equipment

Wall cavity drying system

Water damage cleanup Woodland Hills

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Today we had a job in the Woodland Hills area. Our customer had a water damage from a faulty water heater a few years back. We where hired to address some padding issues that were believed to be caused by improper dryout. We removed the pad, damaged tactstrip, and treated area with a sporicide and antimicrobial treatment. We used a subextraction system to remove the problem area spots! Here are some photos of our work.

Testimonial from Joel Schlichter

Customer testimonial

Water Damage Woodland Hills

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

We responded to a emergency water damage in the Woodland Hills area. The homeowner came home to a flooded house. The sorce of the water was the washer machine. We quickly started to mitigate damage with extraction. Once we removed most of the visible water we used our moisture testing equipment to determine the extent of the damage. In this particular case we needed to remove the damaged lamenate flooring. We set up Air movement and dehumidification to properly dryout the structure. Here are a few pictures at different stages of this job.

Water Damage Restoration in Santa Clarita

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Santa Clarita Flood Restoration Services

There has been an intense amount of rain here in southern California this week, causing mudslides in the foothill areas right here in Santa Clarita — Placerita Canyon, Sand Canyon, Agua Dulce and the burn areas of Acton La Canada and La Crescenta that led to mudslide evacuations.  There has been flash flooding in the low-lying areas, and storm drains are maxed under the burden of processing the sheer volume of water.

A number of homeowners are understandably stressed about their property and investment.  A roof leak can cause catastrophic damage to the interior of a home.  The good news with such a leak is that it is oftentimes covered by one’s homeowners policy.  However, if the leak occurs elsewhere in the structure — for example, if your pool overflows and water seeps into the house from the patio — you may not be covered unless you have flood insurance.

There are things you can do to avoid disaster when it rains:

  1. If you suspect your roof might have a leak, hire us to tarp your roof or home ahead of heavy rains; we offer very affordable pricing based on size & type of tarping job, and it’s always cheaper than replacing the roof or paying for damage incurred by flooding!
  2. Check your patio and sidewalk drains and clean them out if necessary.  It’s amazing how much leaves, dirt and debris collects in storm drains.
  3. Clear gutters and downspouts of debris to insure that rainwater moves away from your house.
  4. Service your pool to insure that the filter is clear and pump running.
  5. Older homes oftentimes have patios which have settled, creating craters where water collects during rain.  Purchase a sump pump to evacuate water from low-lying patio areas surrounding your home.
  6. Purchase sandbags to control runoff from hillsides.

This year’s rainy season will be long and heavy; we hope these tips help you survive the next southern California storm without incident.

In addition to preventative measures, we are water damage restoration experts, licensed and bonded and providing water extraction services since 1998.  We proudly serve our hometown of Santa Clarita, including Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Canyon Country, Castaic, Agua Dulce, plus Acton, Palmdale, the high desert, and of course, water removal for all of Los Angeles.

After it rains, we will  help you get your home back in order, whether you need tile & grout sealing, our exclusive three-step carpet & upholstery cleaning, or flood restoration services.  Thanks, and see you soon.

Los Angeles Weather: 4th Day of Rain, Weather Alert, Flooding

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

The US weather service has issued a flood warning for Los Angeles, as reported  by the Los Angeles Times.

The Associated Press reported that Southern California authorities were “strongly urging” residents of endangered foothill homes to obey evacuation orders; flash flood watches and mudslides were real dangers for residents of foothill communities like La Canada Flintridge, La Crescenta and Acton, where evacuation orders were expanded on Thursday to 1200 homes.  Authorities placed pink ribbons on the mailboxes of residents who stayed behind so they would know where to search in the event of a catastrophe.

“The Los Angeles County Fire Department is anticipating that a significant mud flow and debris flow is likely today,” said Chief Deputy John Tripp as quoted by the AP.

The arrival of the new storm system shut down Interstate 5 in grapevine north of Santa Clairta for the second day in a row.

Rain was expected to taper off by night, followed by showers on Friday and a dry weekend.